I’m Jerry Banman

I Craft Websites That Inspire... Connection,Growth,Action,Change,People,

Do You Struggle With Marketing?

A well-designed website wrapped around the right idea

will advocate for you – even while you sleep.

I believe…

  • with website design and gift giving, it’s [mostly] the thought that counts.
  • your website’s big idea, when done right, is more potent than its visual design.
  • words, like water, can shower or shape.
  • the simplest design is most often best.
  • in returning your money if you’re not pleased with my work and I can’t fix it.
  • doing what you love is not a luxury.
  • you and I are designed to thrive – to enjoy happiness, health, and wealth.
  • everyone has talents to invest and an impact to make.
  • fulfillment is found in service.
  • coffee is a tonic, particularly when paired with conversation or butter and coconut oil.

Recent Work

Brand Development, Content Development, Visual Design (Shopify)

Logo Design, Brand Development, Content Development, Visual Design

Logo Design, Brand Development, Content Development, Visual Design

How Can I Serve You?

You have that thing that you do so well, but who will show and tell your story – weaving together words and images in the native language of those you serve? Inspiring them to take the actions that will ultimately allow you to serve them as only you can?

I’m an entrepreneur, on mission to inspire and equip 100 000 families to come alive and thrive – in part, by supporting other entrepreneurs and thought leaders in their grand pursuits.

After merely surviving many years of my life, I’ve realized that we each have a gift to share – a compelling vision, and a story that needs telling. You have such a story – such a vision.

If it’s time for your story to be told, here’s how I can support you…

  • Define Your Audience
  • Distill Your Big Idea
  • Develop Inspiring Content
  • Design Visual Elements

Have an awesome project idea brewing? Let’s talk.

Inspired Clients

“Jerry’s ability to bring clarity to my big idea was invaluable. He’s worked with me every step of the way to provide unparalleled discovery, design, but most of all…action!” Anthony Vander Laan


Jerry has a unique ability to capture the essence of what we want to showcase to the world and make it come to life with simple tools and a clear process.” Joe Ornato


Let’s Build Something Inspiring Together!




+1 (519) 932-0156

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