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How Will Your Website Inspire Your Audience? I Believe…

Your Story Sells

Your story and declared beliefs will attract your ideal audience (and repel those rabble-rousers).

The Goal is Relationship

By developing online relationships with your visitors, you earn the right to serve them long-term.

Value Beats Volume

Offering meaningful free content to your visitors will build trust and serve them (and you) well.

Simple is Most Often Best

Clean design and an intentional guided experience will serve to endear you to your visitors.

In Masterful Marketing

Marketing is a must, but so is making it meaningful and nearly undetectable to your audience. Sincere, not slick.

Mobile Matters

Up to 80% of website visitors enter your website via mobile phone or tablet. Mobile optimization must be a priority.

Recent Work

Anthony Vander Laan – Consultant, Blogger

Lisa Banman – Personal Brand

OJoe Coffee – eCommerce

Square B+B – Hospitality

Inspired Clients

“Jerry’s ability to bring clarity to my big idea was invaluable. He’s worked with me every step of the way to provide unparalleled discovery, design, but most of all…action!”

Anthony Vander Laan

Jerry has a unique ability to capture the essence of what we want to showcase to the world and make it come to life with simple tools and a clear process.”

Joe Ornato

Have an awesome project idea brewing? Let’s talk.

Meet Your Maker

You have that voodoo that you do so well, but who will show and tell your story – weaving words and images into the native language of those you serve? Inspiring them to take the actions that will ultimately permit you to serve them as only the one-in-billions you can?

My name is Jerry Banman. I’m an entrepreneur on a mission to inspire and equip 100 000 families to enjoy happy, healthy, wealthy lives – in part, by supporting other entrepreneurs and thought leaders in their grand pursuits.

After merely surviving for many years of my life, I’ve recognized that we are all designed to be difference makers, with a compelling vision, and a story that needs telling. You have such a story – such a vision.

If it’s time for your story to be told, let’s begin.

Website Solutions

Please contact me if the packages below don’t fit the needs of your project.

What’s Included

Effective and efficient solutions to inspire your audience and support your mission.

Website Theme

A completely customizable theme greatly reduces website development time, and therefore, cost. The licensed theme is included.

Wordpress Installation

Wordpress is a potent platform with powerful plugins to amp up its potential even further. WordPress, and any required plugins will be fully set up and optimized.

Search Engine Optimization

A brilliant website that’s impossible to find won’t serve you or your audience. An SEO plugin will be included and fully installed.

Analytics Setup + Instruction

Impact must be measured in order to be increased. Analytics will be set up to track the number of visitors to your site, as well as their behaviour onsite.

Mobile Optimized Wesbite

Because search engines place so much emphasis on the mobile site experience, your site will be mobile-optimized for an optimal mobile visitor experience.

Website Maintenance Instruction

Even the unsexy, but very necessary portions of your website will be addressed in the form of video instruction for simple maintenance of your site.

Let’s Chat About Building Something Inspiring Together!


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